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Wrestling Technique

USAW Tip Of The Week - 11/27/13


Scoring Takedowns


A common point of emphasis when attacking an opponent's leg(s) is to drive to one's feet, as it is likely easier to finish the attack from a wrestler's feet. Wrestlers tend to get stuck on their knees when attacking. Good verbal queues here would be head up, back straight and hips in. If the wrestler is not in this position, the focus is to continue driving and/or circling to recover position.WATCH »

USAW Tip Of The Week - 11/14/13


Covering Hips on Finishes


Often times when teaching we focus the majority of our attention on the offensive attack; when in fact, a very important piece to the scoring action is the finish. Here are you able to see the proper way to finish a double leg attack when taking your opponent to the mat. An emphasis is placed on having your head on one side of your opponent and your hips on the other. WATCH »

USAW Tip Of The Week - 10/31/13


Head Inside Single Leg Finish


It is very important for a beginning wrestler to learn to finish their single-leg attack in an up and through motion. Oftentimes, beginning wrestlers will get extended on their head inside single leg, which allows the defensive wrestler to counter. A good way to practice this finish is to start in the head inside single position and then work up and through the opponent to a finish. WATCH »

USAW Tip Of The Week - 10/17/13


Set-Ups and Hand Fighting


We often think offensively when it comes to set-ups and hand fighting, but it is very common amongst youth wrestlers to hang in a collar tie. Hand fighting is key to working your way out of a collar tie. Wrestlers need to be able to move their opponent and also clear ties in order to remain on the attack. Moving your hands and feet is an important component while in the neutral position. WATCH »

USAW Tip Of The Week - 10/10/13


Inside Step Penetration


One of the most common penetration steps is what we refer to as an inside step penetration. This inside step penetration is an addition to the cricket and wicket drill. The key is to stalk your opponent, level change and drive your knee over your toe in a straight line as you move towards your partner. Follow through the attack by cutting the angle and working up to your feet. WATCH »